Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Naughty Word

Life has been hectic.

Moving and refurbishing my office.
Fairly major kitchen renovations.
Working very late to make up for lost time dealing with the above.
None of this is an excuse, more the preface.

It poured rain last night, which is a pretty frequent occurrence around here recently.
My car apparently has a bit of a small leak in it.
So, after I got Addie into the car and buckled in I noticed a small puddle of water on the driver's side near the brake puddle.
I doubt that it caught me off guard that much, but think it was more the culmination of a handful of annoyances, early on this day.
"What the f--k?", just came out.
A full 1/2 second after that I realized there was a 5 year old in the back seat. Put there moments earlier by her foul mouthed father.
My head spun, and our eyes met.
My face had to have shown more expression then hers.
No wry smile, no sheepish looks, no shock.
So I slowly returned my head to front center, content to "not discuss this at all and pretend like I never said it".
As I inserted the key in the ignition, I heard a quiet, understated," Santa's waaaaaatttttching" from the backseat.
Smart A--" didn't come out of my mouth, but I am thinking it now.

What a kid.


Michael Valliant said...

I am completely sincere when I repeat that you all should be keeping a log/manuscript of her wisdom and worldview. She is the most profound and quotable 4-year-old out there. A gift. From her mother, no doubt ;)

Ruvi W said...

You are sooo lucky. When Rekha was a rugrat I was driving away with her in the back seat and realized I had forgotten something at home. My immediate reaction was "Bugger!" Needless to say that for the rest of the day, Rekha proceeded to repeat "Bugger, bugger, bugger...etc.) Shereen was not amused.

Picknhand said...

That IS priceless my friend. HA!

marymac said...

LOVE. IT. Nice post. Love the Christmas Story clip "Fudddddggggge".
Your wife needs to buy some Lifebuoy, Naughty List Boy.