Saturday, February 28, 2009

I can't be sure

But the oldest daughter maybe turning into a future hall monitor.
But for now we will call it being a "Good little helper". She is quick to identify, and then shout out indiscretions she might witness involving the cat, the dog, or her little sister.
"Daddy, Daddy the cat is on the leather chair!" ~ helpful
"Daddy, Creechas under the table!" ~ helpful
"Daddy, you shouldn't have given me that apple juice, I drank it too fast now my tummy hurts." ~ blame shifting little varmint

After a recent trip up from the basement to grab her PJs she noted the tv was on upstairs with Tom & Jerry on, and it was too late for that show to be on, and Mommy should know better than that. ~ over the top Nelly Olsen-style.
It will be very interesting to see if this is just a phase, or she does turn out to be this good of a kid through those 'dreaded' teenage years.
Tim will tell.
On a related note I am thrilled that Tom & Jerry is her favorite cartoon.
And that it hasn't been reedited to purge the violence, much the way some of the Bugs Bunnies have. "Mommy if the cat gets runned over in the drive-way we will have to peel it off the ground." That is a Tom & Jerry education if I have ever heard one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Now is the time to revel in less

The positive that *could* come out of the this economic crisis is that we refocus on what is important as humans "in the big picture" that is life. Those things that make us more whole individuals, not just in the eyes of others, but in our own eyes. Simple things such as connecting more with the physical earth around us, and less with the material things we reward ourselves with when our budgets allow.
Restrictions on discretionary funds, hopefully will yield more time spent out of doors with our families. This time spent outside will hopefully increase focus on the plight of the environment no matter which side of global warming fence you sit on. I for one hope my outside time is increased considerably this year, on a local level. While gas prices have dipped and the discretionary funds may be similar to last year the fact that the retirement fund has been sawed in half like the pretty girl at the magic show, does do a number on the enthusiasm to spend large sums on family travel. Hopefully the retirement fund will piece itself back to whole as the pretty girl always seems to, but if not, maybe the net gain in the long run will be greater. There is much to do and see on the eastern shore before we move on to our next place of residence,( if that ever happen) and I want to be sure I have seen and done as much of it as possible.

Over all this ~ I try to keep in mind how lucky we are to be born into this country, and not some other less fortunate, where typical concerns don't center around the distant future but the survival in the present

Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Weekend

A great weekend.
A great weekend is a measurement of time with family, excercise time, time with self, and fresh air.
All three were equally well represented as temps hit 60, I got out on the bike, Liz got a run in and the kids enjoyed some time at the park.
I think there was a nap in the sun in there sometime as well.

One more would be nice, but alas until we hit the lottery Mondays will equal work.
Some discussion of cutting back to a 4 day work week was bantered. We'll see if that dream materializes. We could do it, but with this economy who are we to attempt such a thing.
hmmm. We're the Shillidays.
Day 7 of vegetarian diet approaches.
Prediction...more cheese.