Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kitchen Renovation:
Day One.
Small Argument # 67.
The sniping between Liz and I continues as this is actually day 5 of moving stuff out of the kitchen to various rooms in the house. We have make shift kitchens in multiple rooms, no silverware visible, and kids cups in seemingly in every corner. (Not sure which ones are clean but usually after the first sip you can tell by the facial expressions.) Anything Liz has lost or misplaced deserves a comment from me. Anything I have misplaced...I blame Liz. ; )

The contractor showed up today, Tuesday the 17th after needing an extra day to finish a previous job, and the plaster has started coming down, molding has been ripped off, and some of the cabinets have been removed.

Addie identifies the missing dining room wall.

The first of many dinners of takeout, was from Roberto's, and seemed to hit the mark, save for the massive chunk of ricotta lodged in Amelia's throat at one point. She survived and proceeded to harass us as we attempted to eat our meals. Shortly after that she turned into a smooch monster and harassed us with fishy face kisses which we kinda liked.
At this point entrance to the basement where the big Tv is achieved by going outside, instead of through the plaster coated kitchen and Dining room area.
So, tonight the Biggest Loser will not be watched in HD!!! The 19" at the end of the bed will have to suffice.